Most air purifiers in use contain non-recyclable and non-degradable HEPA filters. Considering that HEPA filters need to be changed every 6-12. months per year, one can only imagine the amount of disposed HEPA filters in landfills. Such filters burden the environment and are not a sustainable solution.
Mossy is the first company in the Baltics that produces air purifiers with environmentally friendly filters. A carefully selected combination of preserved reindeer moss, hemp fibers, sheep's wool and activated carbon cloth removes PM1-PM10 particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and aldehydes from the air. Preserved reindeer lichen removes allergens from the air (pollen and larger dust particles), hemp fibers tackle bacteria and mold spores. Sheep wool removes the smallest dust particles, and the high-quality activated carbon cloth that is also used in museums, stores non-polar harmful substances: volatile organic compounds and aldehydes.
Mossy's air purifier is well suited for homes and offices, creating good indoor air quality without polluting the environment.

The preserved lichen used in Mossy's air purifiers comes from private forests in Finland, where it is harvested twice a year. In this way, a sustainable harvest is ensured. The lichen is stabilized with glycerine, which is non-toxic, to maintain its shape, and the lichen is dyed with dyes based on natural materials. The dense structure of reindeer lichen helps capture allergens (PM10) from the air: pollen, larger dust particles and dander from the skin of pets.
Hemp fiber mats are made of 100% hemp fiber, which means they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The industrial hemp used in the mats is grown pesticide- and chemical-free in Lithuania. Dense hemp fiber mats remove bacteria and mold spores (PM5) from the air.
The wool comes from New Zealand sheep and is dyed with Swiss company CHT textile dyes which are produced with sustainable principles. The purpose of wool in Mossy air purifiers is to remove the smallest dust particles (PM 2.5 and PM1) from the air.
The activated carbon cloth is produced in England, where it was originally made for the British Defense Forces to protect against possible chemical warfare. Activated carbon cloth is antimicrobial, antiviral (PM1), removes odors, harmful gases, volatile organic compounds (VOC), non-polar substances and aldehydes from the air. The cloth consists of 100% carbon fibers and has a huge surface area due to its microporous structure. Only 1 g of the cloth would cover more than half of a football stadium! Combined with the electrostatic forces between the carbon fibers, the cloth is very effective at absorbing harmful gases. Activated carbon cloth does not pose a threat to the environment, and the manufacturer has kept in mind the principles that protect the environment.

The reliability of the Mossy filter combination has been tested with a professional particle monitor (DustTrak DRX Aerosol Monitor 8533), which indicated that Mossy's air purifier can remove PM1-PM10 sized particles from the air.
The shell of Mossy's air purifier is 3D-printed, using recyclable ABS material.

Choose Mossy's eco-friendly air purifiers for your home and office,
because better life quality should not cost the Earth!