Our story

The members of Mossy from the left: Frederik Rossar, Eliise Lehtsaar, Marii Heleen Rannala, Gregor Mattias Froš.

The founders of the student company Mossy are four students from Tallinn School no. 21, who whilst searching for an idea for a company, came across a problem related to the air purifiers at people's homes. Turns out, that most of the air purifiers we use, are designed to use HEPA-filters, which are non-degradable and nonrecyclable. Therefore, harming the environment.
By looking into ways to solve the problem, the team was able to find just couple of air purifiers around the world that use eco-friendly filters instead of HEPA-filters. Taking inspiration from those companies, the Mossy air purifier was born. Mossy's air purifier is unique, because it uses four layers of plastic free filters, which are not harmful for the environment, when thrown to the landfill.
Mossy's air purifier was tested with a professional particulate matter sensor, which indicated, that the combination of four natural filters was able to remove particles from PM1 up to PM10.
The aim of Mossy is to introduce the HEPA-filter free alternative to mainly Estonian households, because we believe that better life quality should not cost the Earth.